Au Purr

Emerald Poe
Staff Cat Sitter

Emerald comes to us with a long history of caring for animals --both through volunteer work and personally at home. A big softie for all animals, Emerald has a special place in her heart for cats. Emerald nursed her very own kitty, Mr. Brooks, back to health after he was involved in a car accident and had to have his leg amputated. Though the healing process was very rough and it was hard to see her dear pet be in so much pain, the experience has given Emerald even more insight into and sensitivity toward the very specific love and care a cat needs. 

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Caroline Rabasa
Staff Sitter

Caroline is a long-time resident of San Francisco, and has been working in the hospitality industry for over 15 years while pursuing career opportunities in varying fields. She has done everything from legal assisting to substitute teaching.  After her beloved cat passed, she explored the idea of fostering but eventually found Au Purr, where she found the perfect opportunity to expense some of her love and passion for animals which had been stifled since losing her own. Caroline comes to us with great enthusiasm and a deep understanding of people's bonds with their cats, and displays it in the care she shows for every little furball she meets.

Kai Huff
Staff Sitter

Kai grew up in Delaware & Pennsylvania where animals first came into her life at the age of 4. Grover was his name (t hank you Sesame Street!) and he was a sweet & graceful German Shepherd.  With a move from the city to the country the lovely tabby cat, Sherry I (there would be a Sherry II later) joined the family.  She continued to welcome many more dogs & cats into the family from childhood to adulthood. For the past 16+ years she has had the pleasure of caring for & getting to know kittie sisters, Nina & Simone. Simone is a sleek grand Dame at 19 years old and the sweet Nina lived to be 16 years old (and is very much missed).
She thinks furry family members add more joy, adventure, and love to your life.
Kai moved to San Francisco 11 years ago and has worked in online retail. When not caring for amazing cats, she is creating photographs & studying winemaking.

Julee Kim
Staff Sitter

Michelle Dondono
Staff Sitter

Michelle was born and raised in Pacifica and happily still lives there today. She holds a BA in Communication from San Francisco University and a Site Supervisor Permit in Early Childhood Education for the State of California. Previously a preschool teacher, Michelle comes to Au Purr with experience in care giving and an enthusiasm and dedication to providing top-notch care for Au Purr's furry friends. Her hope is that her visitations with the kitties provide some relief and sense of normality while their humans are away. Pet sitting and house sitting have always been a service Michelle provides for her friends, neighbors, and friends of friends. She is known in her community as a friendly, fun-loving individual who's reliable and great with animals and kids alike. She has always owned a cat –- one who grew up with her until the age of 16, and another currently approaching the old age of 20 (Nina). Having an elderly cat, Michelle understands and is experienced in administering medications, cleaning up accidents, and gently brushing long, knot-prone fur with sensitivity to arthritic pain and discomfort.