Caroline Rabasa
Staff Sitter

Caroline is a long-time resident of San Francisco, and has been working in the hospitality industry for over 15 years while pursuing career opportunities in varying fields. She has done everything from legal assisting to substitute teaching.  After her beloved cat passed, she explored the idea of fostering but eventually found Au Purr, where she found the perfect opportunity to expense some of her love and passion for animals which had been stifled since losing her own. Caroline comes to us with great enthusiasm and a deep understanding of people's bonds with their cats, and displays it in the care she shows for every little furball she meets.

Kai Huff
Staff Sitter

Kai grew up in Delaware & Pennsylvania where animals first came into her life at the age of 4. Grover was his name (t hank you Sesame Street!) and he was a sweet & graceful German Shepherd.  With a move from the city to the country the lovely tabby cat, Sherry I (there would be a Sherry II later) joined the family.  She continued to welcome many more dogs & cats into the family from childhood to adulthood. For the past 16+ years she has had the pleasure of caring for & getting to know kittie sisters, Nina & Simone. Simone is a sleek grand Dame at 19 years old and the sweet Nina lived to be 16 years old (and is very much missed).
She thinks furry family members add more joy, adventure, and love to your life.
Kai moved to San Francisco 11 years ago and has worked in online retail. When not caring for amazing cats, she is creating photographs & studying winemaking.

Julee Kim
Staff Sitter

Wes Willenbring
Staff Sitter

Forest Franken
Staff SItter

Forest's first cat, Oona, was born one year before Forest.  She was Forest's beloved kitty throughout her childhood and lived until she was nineteen.  Since then, Forest has almost always had a cat in her life.   In 1999, she witnessed the birth of her two sibling cats, Goat and Be'ene, whom she had until their passing in 2014.  Currently she lives with her rescue kitty, Ember.

Forest is a cat-person through and through and knows the deep bonds that can exist between cats and their humans.  She has significant experience tending older and sick kitties as she has tended her own.  

Forest comes from a background in dance/movement therapy, psychology, and the arts.  She consciously stepped away from her clinical movement therapy work to explore her other and life-long love:  animals.  In addition to her work with Au Purr as a professional cat sitter, she works at her local pet store and teaches a contemplative practice called Authentic Movement here in San Francisco.

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