Checking your Visit Status -Did You Know?

Jun 9, 2014   Jille   Tools and Tips

Did you know that as a client of Au Purr, you can check the status of any of your bookings at anytime online?

Simply log in, go to the "My Schedule" page, and search for the bookings you are wondering about. You will see a "confirmed" for the bookings that have been accepted, a "cancelled" for any that either you or the company has cancelled, as well as a "completed" for any visits that are part of a booking that are omplete.

Our sitters are trained to mark their visits they have completed by the end of the day, so you can usually expect to see them marked as such by 9pm. Of course, we never miss a booking, since we have multiple forms of accountability and schedule reminders. Our staff sees the same schedule you see online, so anything assigned to them comes up on their calendar as well. In addition, their daily assignments are emailed to them daily as a reminder of what needs to be completed. On top of that, I (Jille) moniter their progress and keep an eye on the calendar every single day, and check in with them at the end of the day if necessary. So there is literally nothing to worry about, but if you are concerned and need to check that the visits have been done for the day, simply Log In, check "My Schedule" and check up on the status of the visits, and look for that "completed" indication.  How's that for peace of mind?