Reason #152 why you should hire a professional

Nov 25, 2014   Jille   Tools and Tips

As we get closer and closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, I have been amazed at the amount of phone calls and emails (although I guess I shouldn't be) from new people scrambling to find some cat care for their babies because their friend/neighbor/hobby sitter has just told them they are going out of town or cancelled for some other reason.  I feel so bad for these people and wish we could help, but our books have been full for quite some time now, and if we were to manipulate the schedule to squeeze in any last minute bookings, priority would always be given to our current clients (one because that's fair, and two because it involves so much less prep-time that would have to be spent on the new client: phone consultation, profile filling out, key copies made, assigning a primary sitter, scheduling the in-perosn meeting, etc.). I think I've counted 15 in the last week!

As professionals, we will never cancel on you because we suddenly have decided to skip town.  When you hire the services of Au Pur, you can rely on us completely and totally. We work 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  As the owner of the business, I was quite aware that holidays and weekends would be when people needed us most, and approached it this way.  If these people calling had signed up with us and booked us early, they would have had a sitter they can trust and depend upon for the holiday. As it is, they are left desperate because the people they were counting on do not do this for a living and do not have their entire livlihoods at stake when making commitments they can't keep, and therefore have no obligation to stick to the plan. 

Hire a professional. It really does make a differrence.