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Credit Card Payments vs. Intuit/E-Check- You have a choice!

Thursday, June 18, 2015, 6:56AM by Jille under Tools and Tips

Did you know that you have two options for payment?  As our client, you can pay by using either your credit card or the Intuit payment network, which uses your bank account (essentially an e-check). When you receive your invoice, there is a drop down menu which defaults to "Pay by e-check" and connects to a "Pay Now" button. When you click the "Pay Now" button, it brings you to the Intuit page. 


If you choose "pay by credit card" in the menu, that "Pay Now" button switches to "Make a Payment," which brings you to our website's payments page, where you can enter your cc info.  You can also store your info in your profile (we do not see/have access to your card information) and opt to be automatically billed on the due date (48 hours before the first visit) and the transaction automatically recorded.

So-if you've been using the "Pay Now" button and paying by e-check simply because you didn't think there was any other option, now you know!