Dec 12, 2015   Jille   Tools and Tips

When it comes to tipping there are a few main questions people usually have:

1.)  Should I tip?

2.) How much should I tip?

3.) Does it go directly to the sitter taking care of my cat?

4.) How do I tip if I want to after I pay for the service?

While not required, tipping is a great way to let your sitter know you appreciate her thoughtful care of your home and your fur-babies.  I probably don't have to tell you, but your payment for the services you receive goes toward a lot more than just the cat sitting itself.  In addition to going toward's the sitter's paycheck, your service fee also helps support the many "behind the scenes" costs that are in place to keep the business running smoothly.  The software/booking systems we use, payroll services, office space, city licensing/registration and business taxes, liability insurance and bonding to cover the entire business including my employees, website maintenance, mileage and car wear-and-tear, time spent managing and maintaining proper functioning of the business ,and credit card processing services are just some of the many components of our company. Your payments help support us and keep us happy, healthy, thriving--and most importantly-- help keep us a business that you can trust and rely on.


 #1- Should you tip?   While never expected, your sitter most definitely appreciates any extra token of thanks for her good job.  Caretaking can be a thankless job sometimes, and any form or appreciation goes a long, long way.  Which brings me to:

#2- How much?  Anything, honestly anything is appreciated.  Some people go the whole standard rate of 10-20%, whereas other people just tip what they feel is appropriate. It is entirely up to you. We love non-money types of tips too!  We've been lucky enough to receive bottles of wine, makeup products, food, chocolate, and even a home-made pie!  Even personal cards and notes of thanks are so lovely to recieve and really make us feel good about what we do.

#3- Does your tip go directly to the sitter doing the visits?   The short answer is yes- absolutely! The longer answer is, depending on the method of tipping, it will get to her in different ways.  If you tip on the total amount when paying with a credit card, then your tip will be paid out as part of her paycheck, and automatically divided equally amongst the sitter(s) and number of days each of them visited. However, if you would like to pay CASH-- that is of course, the very best and easiest way to tip. If you leave cash at the house for your sitter, she will happily receive it (and this way it does not have to go through payroll or get taxed as well), and will divide it fairly if the visits are shared with another sitter.  

#4 - Can you tip after the service has been completed/after you have paid for the service?  Yes!  There are a couple different methods:  If using a credit card, you can just log in, go to the "payments" section and click the "tip" button.  This will come in as a tip payment only -- you can also add a note to it if you want to make sure it goes to one person specifically.  The other method is, by going to "my schedule," and clicking the "thumbs up" icon, this will allow you to tip a specific amount on that day(s).