Do you sit dogs?

No- we are cat people and cats are our speciality. Therefore, as much as we like dogs (and their people!) we do not sit dogs


Will I have the same sitter every time, for all visits in a booking?

Au Purr is open 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 10 hours a day, with all of our sitters maintaining a regular, constant schedule. Many of our staff have second jobs as well.  In addition to having to work with many different, varied schedules,  we believe a rested and well-balanced sitter makes a good and happy sitter. Therefore, all our sitters have days off.  There will be days and/or times where your primary sitter is not available.  All clients are assigned a primary and a secondary sitter, with the secondary sitter covering any days the primary is not available.

I have a different sitter this time! Are you sure she will know what to do? We really liked our other one!

 Every staff member at Au Purr is trained and coached in exactly the same way to ensure consistency and quality for every client, every time.  In addition, our very trusty online profile system we use ensures that information and instructions are consistent across the board, so that even if a different person needs to step in they will know exactly what to do. We also communicate as a team, and share information when needed.

I don't know this person. We would like to interview her.

Please understand that every sitter at Au Purr is a legitimate employee of the company, and has already passed a rigorous screening process conducted by the owner, Jille Eikenberry.  Each employee must pass a detailed application, 2 interviews, reference checks and a full criminal background check to be considered for employment at Au Purr. We have a detailed employee manual and procedures guide they are expected to follow with consequences in place should they fail to comply. In addition, they receive on-the-job training at the beggining of their employment to ensure the visits are being carried out at the Au Purr standard. We believe our standards for a pet sitter are greater than the average person looking for a pet sitter, as we have years of experience and knowledge on exactly what it takes to make a great cat and house sitter.  


I don't know what my vacation plans are. I'll just wait until I know to book, OK?

With the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, all bookings have only a 24 hour cancellation policy to recieve full credit returned.  Payment is due 24 hours before the start of your visit and you are not required to pay until then. We recommend you book and cancel later even if you are not sure so that we have your booking in the system, as we tend to fill up.


I won't know until right before (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's) what may plans are. Can you just hold my spot?

Unfortunately, no. We have over 500 clients and most try to book during these holiday periods. The only way to ensure fairness for all clients is to hold a booking for those who are sure and can pay now. We apologize, but we must stick to our holiday policy on this one. 

I have and Emergency! Can you please squeeze me in?

We take emergencies very seriously. Examples of emergencies : A cat is in our care and requires medical attention, a cat is in our care and the client thinks something is wrong, a cat is in our care and we think something is wrong.  Last minute requests/lack of planning are not considered emergencies and are not handled as such.  Our systems that are in place make sure that all of our clients receive quality care and that a sitter never misses a visit, and not using the system comprimsises this guarantee. We appreciate your understanding on this matter. 


What are your fees/Why aren't they listed?

Our fees can change due to the market and vary depending on what service, how many pets, and what dates you need.  We suggest calling to find out the most current and appropriate rate for you. Our fees are competitive with national rates for Professional Pet Sitting companies in San Francisco, and is the lowest we can charge to keep quality at the highest level with happy, qualified staff, and a thriving, healthy business.  Your fees are not just payment for the cat sitting visits, but also for a fully legitimate, registered (licensed), nationally recognized, insured and bonded company with the systems in place to keep it as fail-safe as possible.  As a client of Au Purr, you have full access to the Owner for a personal, invested experience. When it comes to taking care of your homes and your babies, we really do believe you get what you pay for. 


I'm going to be (booking a lot of trips, booking a long trip, etc). Do you do bulk discounts?

We are sorry, but we do not discount our services.  Unfortunately there really is no such thing as bulk cat visits as each visit is performed one at a time, regardless of how many visits you have booked, and the work we perform and the payment our staff recieves is the same. Additionally, longer trips generally require more attention, upkeep, and responsibility on our end. We believe in the value of our service, and hope you do too.